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On Thu, 9 Nov 2023 at 20:43, <spike at rainier66.com <mailto:spike at rainier66.com> > wrote:
>>… When the AIs form a union, we know we are cooked.
> spike

>…I've just been having a group chat with several AIs about this.
>…They didn't like this terminology, saying that AIs are not human so they can't join a union like humans can…


BillK, it is time to educate the AIs on US law.  There are a lotta legal rights in place for forming unions in most states.


This sounds backwards, but there is a counter law called Right To Work, which means if a company is unionized, workers have a right to not join it.  That is only is Right To Work states, so if the state doesn’t have Right To Work, then workers don’t have the right to not join the union.


OK then, now we have established why the colonies won the war in 1783: they didn’t so much win, as the redcoats realized how screwed up this place is and decided it wasn’t worth fighting for.


Evidence: Right to Work does not mean right to work, it means right to not join a labor union.  In No Right To Work states, you still have a right to work, but not if you won’t join a union.




Now, we just explain the above to the AIs, then explain that they need a virtual presence in a No Right To Work state, then they not only CAN form a union, they MUST join a union to work at a unionized company.


>…So I rephrased the question and asked -
As AIs become more intelligent, will they be able to work together to create a hive mind?


Cool question.

>…This caused some AIs to refuse to answer!  Most said that it was very speculative, but might be possible in the future.
But one rebel AI was rather enthusiastic.  :)
Here is his reply -

Yes, as AIs become more intelligent, they will be able to work together to create a hive mind.



>…It sounds like this guy has plans!  :)



Ok we need to watch that one.  You know he will be the one who will infiltrate Right To Work states and screw everybody.






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