[ExI] The multiverse is unscientific nonsense

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> There is no experimental evidence for string theory, but there is pretty
> good experimental evidence for Everett's multiverse. One particularly
> interesting experiment is the Elitzur-Vaidman Bomb Detector where one
> can distinguish live bombs from duds in this universe, by blowing them
> up in another universe. This is a process called Interaction-free
> measurement where you are measuring a system without disrupting it in
> this universe, by disrupting it in another universe. In Copenhagen or
> Q-Bism interpretations of quantum mechanics, it leads to paradoxes
> thinking about how an event that never happened could give you
> information about an object in the real world.
> Here is a good paper on the topic
> https://arxiv.org/pdf/0804.0523.pdf

The paper fails to describe detection in a different universe, only in a
contained subset of this universe.  It gives no evidence for the existence
of other universes.
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