[ExI] How to land a helicopter after engine failure

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 10:50:58 UTC 2023

World-first automatic safety system lands a helicopter without power
By Loz Blain    November 14, 2023

Autorotation is a fairly terrifying concept – a last-ditch emergency
maneuver that allows skilled pilots to bring a helicopter down to
Earth softly and with a degree of control even in the case of total
engine failure. It's effectively a series of techniques that let you
convert the stored energy in your altitude, airspeed, and rotor speed
– the same energy sources conspiring to kill you – into a chance of
slowing your descent and making a controlled landing.
Includes 3.5 minutes video.

The test pilots must have nerves of steel, as they sit there wondering
if the computer is going to land safely or if they are going to die!


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