[ExI] Are transhumanists becoming the bad guys?

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Welcome back, our prodigal s…brother!


We heard you were around, hiding somewhere.  I am one of your fans from way back when we were younger than we are now.


We were noting the Wiki list of transhumanists.  I didn’t make the list, not even with a footnote identifying me as the court jester.  But it does lead to the question: How can we know if a person is a transhumanist?  Is any surgery or hormone therapy needed?  Any particular article of clothing associated with transhumanism?  Or can one just claim to be transhumanist, then trans back to humanist at any time?  If we set up transhumanist games, can the competitors later take on Vonnegut and Asimov and Dennett and Pinker, that crowd?


The mind boggles.


RU Sirius, glad you checked in with us sir.  Our list is richer with your presence.
















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> Oh oh Keith, now ya done it.  With that claim you trigger the need for a contest or competition, to see who is the urest of transhumanism.  I agree you are urer than most, but we need to arrange a transhumanist Olympiad of some sort.


I was called the ur-transhumanist by no less an authority than R.U

Sirius.  Top that.  ;-)




> spike


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