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MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Oct 1 20:51:54 UTC 2023

That is something I've thought about.  Not only is online stuff suspect,
but with AI writing news articles or opinion pieces, then print is even
less certain than before.  We've always had lies, but this is different.

I'm already not trusting of unknown emails or phone calls.

RISKS digest recently had warnings to mushroom hunters not to trust some
new mushroom books because they are AI written and not vetted for
safety...... and a mistake in mushroom hunting could be fatal.



On Sun, October 1, 2023 16:30, efc--- via extropy-chat wrote:
> I think a much more sinister and interesting question will be when
> perfect, undetectable videos will be used to cause political chaos and
> make people lose all trust in everything except physical communication.
> Think about it, if you can no longer trust any video of a politician on
> any media, how will you make judgments about the world? How will that
> impact the democratic political process?
> Best regards,
> Daniel

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