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> I'm already not trusting of unknown emails or phone calls.

Yea, but don't you love scam baiting
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scam_baiting> them like I do?

Boy, I had a good one on the line the other day.  I usually have a
significant amount of crypto in my coinbase account, and this guy called
claiming to be a security admin from coinbase.
He knew so much information, like balances, and other stuff, that no joe
should know, and he used it so skillfully, he was very convincing.  It even
took me a bit before I realized he was not legit.  When he finally asked
for my coinbase 2 factor authentication key, that did give him away.
Evidently he had my passwords for both coinbase, and google.  Don't know
how he got all that.
But I kept him on the line long enough for me to contact coinbase customer
support, which they of course immediately proved he wasn't legit.
And of course I had to change all my passwords, and a bunch of things like

It is quite the rush to deal with those types, but it is also very scary,
what they can and do do.
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