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Thanks!!  Sooo Coool

I guess the Mormon BYU isn't all bad.


Oh, and here is the link to the actual video, right?:






Cool thx Brent.


Here’s a fun aside for ya: Mark Rober is perhaps the most effective ambassador for BYU today, more than the “elders” on their bicycles.  His videos demonstrate he is a genius at mechanical design and creative problem solving.  He has skerjillions of followers on YouTube and has spawned untold numbers of young people wanting to study engineering.  If you are wanting to have a little fun, view the evolution of his glitter-bomb notion, or the stuff he did with the Indian phone-fraud company, infiltrating it with a package of roaches and so forth.  This charismatic young man has done more to promote BYU than BYU has in its entire history.





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