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> > I believe you are correct about his point of view: to Spike, 
> > presumably Spike is indeed more important than money. ;)
> All the money in the world couldn't get you another Spike ;)
> John
> _______________________________________________

>...Yea, even if you cloned 100 little Spikelets (he's probably considering
it).  :)

Dang I wrote the previous before reading this.  Ja the thought occurred to

>... Their environment, education, etc. would be so different that they
would not turn out like the original Spike...

OK but if we did it, I could teach them myself.  Then they would know about
all the quirky stuff that makes me me.

>...Best bet is to use AI to create a Spikebot and let it loose in the world
to create havoc. :)


BillK, that has been on my mind a lot.  I don't understand all the mechanics
of large language models, but some parts of it make a lotta sense.  Going
the software route is our best bet methinks.  I will be honest with you: I
don't want a hundred clones, I don't even want one.

I will offer this: I prayed to Evolution to make me a better man.

It gave me my son.  Evolution spoke to me.  It said: Here ya go spike,
here's a better man for yas.

It surprised me that Evolution would speak to me in a voice that sounded so
much like me, even using my own figures of speech.

I have been thinking hard about creating a software "clone" of myself.  I
know of the voice cloning software, now we need the LLMs to get involved.


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