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> > I believe you are correct about his point of view: to Spike, presumably
> > Spike is indeed more important than money. ;)
> All the money in the world couldn't get you another Spike ;)
> John

Yea, even if you cloned 100 little Spikelets (he's probably considering it).  :)
Their environment, education, etc. would be so different that they
would not turn out like the original Spike.
Best bet is to use AI to create a Spikebot and let it loose in the
world to create havoc. :)


>…One could try to find a way to upload Spike's mind, so as to make copies of it.  Making bodies for those Spikes to inhabit would presumably be relatively easier, once the uploading is done…




Dang I need to read everything before I post anything.


If we had a way to upload ourselves, you know what would happen: we would replicate like… an uploaded human and have a friendly Singularity.  For a while.  Then of course whoever uploaded the most would be so powerful, the next unescapable step is becoming evil.  There is simply no exception, none.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, even if a mostly decent person (such as me) gets hold of it.  There has never been a truly benevolent dictator, and can never be.  Absolute power corrupts all humans to some extent.  All point zero, everyone.



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