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> If we had a way to upload ourselves, you know what would happen: we would
> replicate like… an uploaded human and have a friendly Singularity.  For a
> while.  Then of course whoever uploaded the most would be so powerful, the
> next unescapable step is becoming evil.  There is simply no exception,
> none.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, even if a mostly decent person
> (such as me) gets hold of it.

Au contraire.  If there were a bunch of one person - which implies separate
individuals, rather than many nodes of a single hive mind - a single
dictator would still just be one of them.  The rest might be favored or
oppressed, but they wouldn't be The One.  That specific instance might be
corrupted; of course, but that person would become a different individual
than the others.
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