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>…Spike, it comes down to benefits and deficits (cui bono): to speak or not to speak.  I suspect that the deficits related to speaking are nil and the benefits possibly large, but I dunno.   bill w



Fully agree Billw, but speaking what to whom?  If I just go to the park people and request we take down the map, that doesn’t really solve the problem, for even without the map, the park is still externalizing risk on unsuspecting visitors.  The city can’t really do anything because being homeless is not a crime.  The stabber didn’t even really do anything illegal, by the line of reasoning our society has adopted, where addicts are victims of the disease of addiction, resulting in their homelessness and so they are not responsible for their actions.  They get a blanket pardon if they are drug addicts.  A prosecutor cannot prove the perp was not devouring illegal drugs at the time.  It’s illegal to commit crimes while not on drugs or course.


Oy vey, how did we get to here?







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A coupla months ago, I posted in this forum an ethical dilemma.  A nice park down in San Jose has a number of walking trails and other nice features…But all along the south side, the trail goes along Penitencia Creek where homeless people have been taking up residenceless…



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