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> The stabber didn’t even really do anything illegal, by the line of
> reasoning our society has adopted, where addicts are victims of the disease
> of addiction, resulting in their homelessness and so they are not
> responsible for their actions.  They get a blanket pardon if they are drug
> addicts.  A prosecutor cannot prove the perp was not devouring illegal
> drugs at the time.

That is not the case.  Assault with a deadly weapon remains a crime,
eligible for long jail sentences if convicted, even if committed while
under the influence of drugs (assuming they took the drugs themselves - no
other person forcibly injected them; handing them the injector doesn't
count, without immediate threat of violence or similar if they did not

And then there's the whole "illegal" drugs, which implies more crimes they
can be jailed for independent of the stabbing.
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