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> >  This morning I learned that a homeless guy snuck up behind a pedestrian
> on
> >  that trail and stabbed him.  It wasn?t even a robbery, just a random
> attack.
> >  The victim is expected to survive, but they didn?t catch the perp and
> have
> >  no useful description of him or her.
> Just curious: if there's no useful description, and if there's no apparent
> motivation for the attack, how can you know that the attacker was
> homeless? Did it not occur that homeless people are often victimized, and
> are much more often than not poorly served by the police?

Good point.  Pretending to be a random homeless person while doing the
deed, then ditching that disguise once safely away, might allow one to get
away with murder if the investigation focuses only on actual homeless.
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