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> Hi,
> >  This morning I learned that a homeless guy snuck up behind a pedestrian on
> >  that trail and stabbed him.  It wasn?t even a robbery, just a random attack.
> >  The victim is expected to survive, but they didn?t catch the perp and have
> >  no useful description of him or her.
> Just curious: if there's no useful description, and if there's no apparent
> motivation for the attack, how can you know that the attacker was
> homeless? Did it not occur that homeless people are often victimized, and
> are much more often than not poorly served by the police?
> John
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The best news report I found is -
The assailant employed a knife or similarly sharp tool during the
assault and escaped from the scene before authorities' arrival. The
victim luckily sustained non-critical injuries and is undergoing

SJPD is working on multiple fronts to assure community safety. It
plans to increase foot patrolling in the area and conduct systematic
patrol checks nearby. The public is prompted to maintain vigilance and
report any suspicious activities to the 9-1-1 emergency line

No description of the assailant was given.


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