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>...Many public parks do have fences or walls and are closed at night.
Restrictions vary by locality and city. So there should be no legal problems with installing some fencing.
However, the homeless are "people" and have a perfect right to enter public parks during normal opening hours. So attempting to wall them off from entering the park is probably a bad idea.
Also, the local community would likely want to keep access to the trail by the creek from the park.

>...Regarding the park map, perhaps the homeless camp area could be marked and a note added at the foot of the map. Perhaps just something like "Homeless camp site – Caution advised". Though the local council might object to this giving the site some kind of 'official' status.


BillK, the scouts only go out to that park in the summer, so expect a huge battle over the park to unfold while they are in school.  There are many locals who have watched the homeless camp grow, who want it out of there.  Others see the entire area as an ideal place to hand over to the homeless.  It is big enough, one could imagine thousands of tents in there, rather than a few hundred housed landowners using that park.


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