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Wed Oct 11 11:28:20 UTC 2023

On Wed, 11 Oct 2023 at 01:34, spike jones via extropy-chat
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> John do you have any ideas regarding that park in San Jose with the walking
> trail that goes along the creek?  The best I could think of was put up a
> chain link fence along that creek to separate the encampment from the park.
> That might be the ideal situation, because the homeless who live along that
> creek are not actually hurting anything there, and the city is likely to let
> them stay, so long as they don't commit random violence against the
> pedestrians in the park.
> I still don't know how we should deal with that refurbished park map the
> scout made which shows the trail down along the creek and no indication
> there is danger in walking there.
> spike
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Many public parks do have fences or walls and are closed at night.
Restrictions vary by locality and city. So there should be no legal
problems with installing some fencing.
However, the homeless are "people" and have a perfect right to enter
public parks during normal opening hours. So attempting to wall them
off from entering the park is probably a bad idea.
Also, the local community would likely want to keep access to the trail
by the creek from the park.

Regarding the park map, perhaps the homeless camp area could be marked
and a note added at the foot of the map. Perhaps just something like
"Homeless camp site – Caution advised". Though the local council might
object to this giving the site some kind of 'official' status.


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