[ExI] what would you do?

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>>... Ja, that is a possibility: a homeful crazy guy stabbed somebody, then 
> ran underneath the underpass where the homeless people camp to blame 
> them.

>...People blame homeless people for all sorts of things without facts and
without understanding. How about we not do that?


OK fair enough.  

John do you have any ideas regarding that park in San Jose with the walking
trail that goes along the creek?  The best I could think of was put up a
chain link fence along that creek to separate the encampment from the park.
That might be the ideal situation, because the homeless who live along that
creek are not actually hurting anything there, and the city is likely to let
them stay, so long as they don't commit random violence against the
pedestrians in the park.

I still don't know how we should deal with that refurbished park map the
scout made which shows the trail down along the creek and no indication
there is danger in walking there.


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