[ExI] what would you do?

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Wed Oct 11 00:19:04 UTC 2023

> Ja, that is a possibility: a homeful crazy guy stabbed somebody, then 
> ran underneath the underpass where the homeless people camp to blame 
> them.

I don't think we're so distant from homelessness that we can pretend we 
don't understand the difference between criminal and victim.

Crimes against homeless happen at a much higher rate than the general 
population. Criminals know cops aren't going to respond to complaints in a 
homeless encampment quickly. Criminals also know that homeless people 
living in an encampment will be reluctant to call the police unless it's 
absolutely necessary.

People blame homeless people for all sorts of things without facts and 
without understanding. How about we not do that?


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