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we would be OK if we get San Jose to buy Moffett Field from NASA,


>…As a fellow resident of the area: ain't happening.  Way too many interests, government and high-money, with their hands in Moffett staying the way it is…



Adrian I agree, for now.  But note my prediction: others will study the map and the homeless problem, and the idea of moving Mineta to Moffett will be back, repeatedly.  It will face many roadblocks, but my prediction is that in your young lifetime Adrian, and possibly in mine, the city of San Jose and the FAA and NASA will recognize the Mineta to Moffett solution is the least wrong alternative.


I recognize the difficulties but also the advantages to that approach.  For instance, Adrian you live over in the good neighborhoods under the outbound flightline, with the noise and increased soot of outgoing flights with throttles open.  If the planes flew outta Moffett, the noisy dirty phase of flight would all be out over the bay.  You (and I) would be more under the incoming flightline, which is quieter and cleaner.



move Minetta Airport over to Moffett,



So… I predict Adrian, in your natural lifetime on this mortal coil, the Mineta to Moffett notion will gain momentum.  Remember you heard it first right here. 


>…Even more impossible.  The neighboring cities (and, again, their high-money private interests) would get the courts to throw out any such attempt…


For now, ja.  But notice Santa Clara between Mineta and Moffett.  I used to live there.  I would be happy with the move.  That was the community most effected, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, those areas.


>…These two problems are independent of the attempt to deal with the homeless.  You couldn't even use Moffett for a Palo Alto Airport grade private aviation field at this point…


Using Moffett Field for that purpose would be a scandalous waste.


>…I wonder if a shelter, possibly underground (or under the current ground level), with good HVAC could address the problem….


Do try to imagine the cost of that, any reasonable estimate, compared to the present (expensive) approach: buying distressed hotels and using them for homeless shelters.  It is much more likely that a big airfield will be converted to a homeless camp at little cost to the city.



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