[ExI] The "great gate in history" of Strauss and Howe

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>...As an aside, you probably know that the book "In Defense of Global
Capitalism" has received some criticism. ...


China discovered a version of capitalism in 1989 when the dear leader
realized that if the government failed to supply some capitalist goodies,
the commies were going rise up and strike off their dear heads.  I noticed
right after that unpleasantness, things began to change.  China managed to
lift a billion people out of poverty via limited capitalism, and now has a
bunch of new problems to deal with.

BillK, it is really interesting to hear all this from the perspective of
someone old enough to have witnessed firsthand the Great Leap Forward in the
mid 60s, such as my neighbors across the street.  After living in America
for nearly three decades, they still have a most unique perspective.  They
warn constantly that communism is coming to America, but Americans are just
not seeing it.  A former POTUS candidate stirred the bees once more with a
comment about cult deprogramming of the followers of the candidate who
defeated her.  Now, my neighbors are terrified.


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