[ExI] The "great gate in history" of Strauss and Howe

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"Now, my neighbors are terrified."

We live in a time unlike any other, where change is happening on a
scale short in terms of human generations.

I expect that technology will overrun human problems.  Exactly how or
how fast I can't say.  Lots of possibilities.


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> >...As an aside, you probably know that the book "In Defense of Global
> Capitalism" has received some criticism. ...
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> China discovered a version of capitalism in 1989 when the dear leader
> realized that if the government failed to supply some capitalist goodies,
> the commies were going rise up and strike off their dear heads.  I noticed
> right after that unpleasantness, things began to change.  China managed to
> lift a billion people out of poverty via limited capitalism, and now has a
> bunch of new problems to deal with.
> BillK, it is really interesting to hear all this from the perspective of
> someone old enough to have witnessed firsthand the Great Leap Forward in the
> mid 60s, such as my neighbors across the street.  After living in America
> for nearly three decades, they still have a most unique perspective.  They
> warn constantly that communism is coming to America, but Americans are just
> not seeing it.  A former POTUS candidate stirred the bees once more with a
> comment about cult deprogramming of the followers of the candidate who
> defeated her.  Now, my neighbors are terrified.
> spike
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