[ExI] The "great gate in history" of Strauss and Howe

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>..."Now, my neighbors are terrified."

Ja.  The "cult deprogramming" comments translated to Vietnamese as "re-education camps."  This language was used to describe what the Vietnamese set up for the South Vietnamese after the fall of Saigon in 1975.  I have seen printed paper notes written in Vietnamese with a photo of that former politician.  I want to find one of those and have ChatGPT translate it.  My neighborhood still has a few elders who survived the re-education camps.

>...We live in a time unlike any other, where change is happening on a scale short in terms of human generations.

>...I expect that technology will overrun human problems.  Exactly how or how fast I can't say.  Lots of possibilities.


Keith we have long known this was coming, but when it arrived, it is happening quickly.


- US military needs AI vehicles, weapon systems to be 'superior' global force: experts
- Former Joint Chiefs Chair Gen Mark Milley warns AI could make wars more likely

Oy vey.


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