[ExI] The "great gate in history" of Strauss and Howe

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> BillK, it is really interesting to hear all this from the perspective of
> someone old enough to have witnessed firsthand the Great Leap Forward in the
> mid 60s, such as my neighbors across the street.  After living in America
> for nearly three decades, they still have a most unique perspective.  They
> warn constantly that communism is coming to America, but Americans are just
> not seeing it.  A former POTUS candidate stirred the bees once more with a

I have only lived in america for a year, but I grew up in the end stage
of swedens velvet socialism and my wife was born in the soviet union and
her parents lived most of their lives unfree, and we share your
neighbours views.

There is no alternative to capitalism and freedom. Once you start to let
in the government you end up on a slippery slope that lead to hell.

When I grew up there was one public TV channel, 2 brands of beer and one
style of pizza. Since then, sweden has _slowly_ let go of some of its
socialism. Income inequality has grown, privatizations have increased
and taxes have come down to _only_ 60%-70% or so.

I prefer this any time any day over how life was when I was a child, and
so does everyone I know.

It therefore saddens me enormously when I meet americans who do not
believe in freedom and who believe the government is the solution. It is
not. But humans seem to love to repeat historical mistakes. =(

Best regards, 

> comment about cult deprogramming of the followers of the candidate who
> defeated her.  Now, my neighbors are terrified.
> spike
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