[ExI] Simulations of ‘backwards time travel’ can improve scientific experiments

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 09:23:04 UTC 2023

Physicists have shown that simulating models of hypothetical time
travel can solve experimental problems that appear impossible to solve
using standard physics.


Researchers at the University of Cambridge have shown that by
manipulating entanglement – a feature of quantum theory that causes
particles to be intrinsically linked – they can simulate what could
happen if one could travel backwards in time.

By connecting their new theory to quantum metrology, which uses
quantum theory to make highly sensitive measurements, the Cambridge
team has shown that entanglement can solve problems that otherwise
seem impossible. The study appears in the journal Physical Review

“We are not proposing a time travel machine, but rather a deep dive
into the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. These simulations do not
allow you to go back and alter your past, but they do allow you to
create a better tomorrow by fixing yesterday’s problems today,” said

(He then slipped sideways off his bar stool and lay on the floor
giggling hysterically). :)


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