[ExI] Cheap fuel from coal and solar

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>...I doubt that coal liquefaction will be allowed.
>...The agreement by many nations (not China)... BillK

BillK, thanks for including the parenthetical not China part, for my
prediction is that it will be specifically China which is most likely to
proceed with the project, for two reasons.  The first is that it was granted
Developing Nation status by the UN.  There is no established criterion by
which a developing nation stops developing.  So... they can do whatever they
want with respect to coal liquefaction.  They want.  Second reason: if those
four nations I mentioned, China is the most likely to try to buy a hunk of
Africa and enforce a border with military force.

Another factor: they have a big desert too, the Gobi.  It isn't as well
suited for the purpose as West Africa, because it lacks availability of
sufficient water needed for the Fischer Tropsch process, so they would need
to pipe in both seawater (for cooling) and fresh water (for the process) as
well as pipe out the oil and truck in the coal.  It isn't clear to me if
they would prefer to attempt to buy and defend a hunk of the Sahara.  They
might try both.


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