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Subject: [ExI] How to open a blocked door


This cat may be a possible Mensa member!  :)



(45 seconds video}.






BillK, we know that humans display a wide span of mental abilities, even though the size and shape of the brain is similar to all.  We don’t know why the heck that is; experts in the field such as Billw can offer only limited insights.  But think of the problem solving span of the smartest people you know vs the not.


If we are around beasts enough, and around enough of them, we see that there are brilliant ones there as well.  The cat clearly demonstrated a reasoning process, a try, fail, reason, try something else, the kind of stuff that brilliant successful people do.


Thx for the video.  That made my day.


Irrelevant aside: in that video did someone leave a dildo on that table in the foreground?  {8^D




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