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>.And some people think only dogs are smart enough to be trained. Cats can
learn just about anything dogs can learn if they are given enough




Gadersd, you hit it right on.  Cats can be trained, but the critical
difference is that dogs will do what humans want, in order to please the
human, which is their reward.  Dogs love humans.  In order to train a cat,
he must be motivated by a reward the cat wants.  Cats tolerate humans but
don't really give a damn about whether we are pleased.  They tolerate us
because we feed them.  


If you get a chance, go watch a good dog handler training police dogs.
Watch for a while, notice that the dogs don't get treats for doing their
routine correctly, they get a single word from the trainer which they
understand means "good job."  Watch how the dog carries himself after
getting that good job vs one who screwed up.  At the end of the training
session, watch the trained dogs' attitude toward the local pets: the police
dogs just seem to carry themselves as if to say to the pets "You lowlife
animal, perfectly useless you are.  But I have an actual JOB because I am
smart enough to be trained by an actual HUMAN as opposed to lowlife YOU who
can only walk on the end of a rope."


It is most educational to watch dogs being trained for a job.









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