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>>... What if… we rigged up a trailer with its own battery or even a big Diesel generator with its own motors on its axles?  Then a prole hitches up her Tesla, gets it out on the freeway, fires up the Diesel which drives the trailer wheels aaaannnndd… gently pushes the Muskmobile along the freeway, extending battery life?  spike

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>...While you certainly could build such a rig, it strikes me as just silly.


Keith this is a surprising response from one who once lived in Palo Alto.

Many homes there were built BC (before cars) meaning they have no garage, or even if they had one at one time, they have long since been converted to living space for rental to young scholars seeking wisdom from the sages at Stanford up the street from your former abode.  Housing being a premium there, a converted garage can bring 3k a month (WOWsers!)

So imagine one has a Tesla and loves to go camping in the Sierras, where one's favorite fishing lake is 200 miles away.  You have the option of buying a pickup truck, but one considers such a rude conveyance just too embarrassing to own, and not really practical anyway for it would hog your narrow driveway and interfere with your tenant's Tesla, which also must reside in your narrow driveway next to yours.

OK then.  Kieth you can likely imagine plenty of Tesla drivers in your own former neighborhood, and I can certainly imagine loving to go camping in the Sierras.  Imagine yourself with plenty of money (partly because you rent your garage to financially-secure scholars.)  There are few charging stations out that way, and even if there are, you don't want to wait around charging when you would rather be fishing and hiking.  

That's all the elements: limited space, loves to camp, embarrassed to drive a rude pickup, plenty of money (I never suggested such a rig would be cheap.)

Side note: when the prole arrives at her camping space, that same control system which de-oscillates her camper could autonomously park her temporary home when she arrives, and allow her all the comforts of home as a bonus, such as air conditioning.  HVAC requires a really sincere rattly generator heavier than most people want to carry.  So the serious glamper (with plenty of money) might be willing to hand over some of that filthy lucre to whoever can build a Tesla-pusher capable of assisting a Tesla out to the Sierras and back without stopping for a charge.


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