[ExI] towed evs again

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Mon Oct 23 12:19:33 UTC 2023

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> But a trailer doesn't need to be up there, thanks to smaller tires and no differential so the wind resistance is lower.  If it is hauling its own weight plus gently pushing the Tesla, the towed jeep is unnecessary.  Then if you are an affluent Gaian with such a rig, you can pretend to be green.  You aren't really, but you are not required to admit that to yourself.
> spike
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This new trailer may help.  :)
It doesn't solve your driveway crowding or 'push' the electric tow car.
But it does lighten the towing load to extend the range and gives you
a week's luxury camping power, with solar panels.

The tech-packed vehicle comes with an optional dual-motor power train
and, if that wasn’t enough, can even set up camp for you.


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