[ExI] People are speaking with ChatGPT for hours

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> Upon realizing this, my own enthusiasm for trying to create such a device cooled, even if I could earn a buttload.  Causing the extinction of humankind was too high a price to pay, even for a really deep, wide and tall pile of money.  Besides: as human population dwindled, inflation would be thru the roof.
> However... the entire race would not go extinct.  If you think it thru, we have existing populations which carry the societal and cultural value of reproduction.  These eschew alternate paths to gratification.  Examples would be the Amish, the Hutterites, much of modern Africa perhaps.  Those places are mostly immune: they would continue to survive and grow in the event that much or most of technologically advanced society opts out of biological reproduction.
> Hey cool, I could create a sexbot, make a buttload, then invest in Pennsylvania farmland.  That investment would hold value as most of humankind withered and died.
> On a fun side note, if you have not seen the SciFi-comedy film S1m0ne, which kinda along this thread, I can highly recommend it.  Al Pacino in a comedy role is a bit jarring, but he does a great straight-man.
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It is a bit more than gratification though.
Next year's model will be a Scarlett Johansson bot that will also do
your tax returns, manage your investments and discuss the Theory of
Relativity with you. You know accountants are irresistible!  :)

Humanity is doomed.


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