[ExI] People are speaking with ChatGPT for hours

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>>... Upon realizing this, my own enthusiasm for trying to create such a
device cooled, even if I could earn a buttload.  Causing the extinction of
humankind was too high a price to pay, even for a really deep, wide and tall
pile of money...
> _______________________________________________

>...It is a bit more than gratification though.
Next year's model will be a Scarlett Johansson bot that will also do your
tax returns, manage your investments and discuss the Theory of Relativity
with you. You know accountants are irresistible!  :)

Humanity is doomed.



All along we thought it would be bombs or lab viruses.

But in any case BillK, I think not.  Humanity will survive that threat and
even the other two, in some places on the planet, probably sub-Saharan
Africa.  We radiated out from there once, we can do it again.


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