[ExI] Fortified homes and bomb shelters

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>>... Humanity will survive a singularity in my thinking.
> It will reset everything, but humanity will be again ready to radiate 
> out of sub Saharan Africa and do it all again.
> spike

>...While this initially seems logical, the second unfolding (if indeed it has not occurred before, something very difficult to completely
discount) would be radically different in many aspects. While some things can be fairly easily repeated like the stone age, wood working and writing, perhaps leading to paper making... some technologies cannot be easily repeated. An important example of this is the fact that all easily accessible fossil fuels and easily mined copper and gold have been expended, so a second rise of technology would have to somehow create sustainable energy de-novo without the crutch of fossil fuels. It is hard to see how to do this without a surviving library from our period at the very least. Perhaps they could somehow skip to a new metal age using the scraps of our civilization, but it would be very difficult to solve the fuel issues for such a second technical or scientific radiation.



Agree.  So much readily-available coal was burned up by this radiation, it would be difficult to re-create the iron age.  Not impossible really.  But we moderns really lived it up on the earth's stored energy.

I have a notion that some highly-educated moderns would survive a singularity as well, not many.  But plenty of people are looking at where we are and making doomsday preparations.  Those who have enough land, stored food and ammo might be able to make it thru, educate the other survivors with enough to jump start technological civilization.

Sooner or later, we must transition to nuclear fusion power however.  It appears to be making a gradual comeback, but not quickly enough.  The greens have warmed up to the idea, because it produces energy without emitting CO2.


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