[ExI] Communications a Moore's Law Phenomenon?

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Mon Apr 1 08:32:57 UTC 2024

On Sun, 31 Mar 2024, Kelly Anderson via extropy-chat wrote:

>> I no longer get 250-300 emails per day, so today I do glance through
>> mail manually when deciding which ones to work on and reply to first.
>> But nice concept though, not even having to do that. =)
> The idea was based on my watching people dealing with spam back in the
> day. They would spend the first few minutes with their email client
> deleting spam, and only then would they start reading the good stuff.
> I don't think spam is as much of an issue now. Not sure if AI has
> anything to do with that, or the reduction in the importance of email
> in an SMS kind of world. I get way more Spam on SMS than I do in email
> now.

Ahh... the sms riddle! This is a huge difference between europe and the
US. I almost never get sms spam. Maybe once or twice per year. And I
have heard that in the US there's enormous amounts of robo calls and sms
spam which almost makes the phone unusable for some people.

> -Kelly
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