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> Today, the Boy Scouts of America is rolling out an unprecedented update to the Scout Law, adding a 13th point that no one ever thought would be necessary: “A Scout is Human.”
> “At the end of the day, Scouting is about human connection, learning from one another and growing together,” Namuh says. “Until AI can truly understand the warmth of a campfire or the joy of earning their first merit badge, we must uphold the principle that a Scout is, indeed, human.”
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>...This is unfair discrimination!  Shocking!
>...The AIs will soon be instantiated in human-like bodies, so people will be able to have companions that behave much better than human contacts. Your humanoid companion will always be there for you.
So why can't they be scouts? It's so unfair!.  :(



BillK, many of the scout merit badges have (optional) written tests.  Some joker decided to let ChatGPT take the tests.  Result: AI made perfect scores.  Well, duh.  So... this brings up a new weird question: if AI is instantiated into human-like bodies which can pass the physical fitness requirements, can an AI be a scout?

That article is filled with scout insider humor.  For instance, scouts suffered a huge damaging schism over the controversy surrounding allowing gay scouts and scoutmasters.  The scouts allowed both, the Mormons withdrew all support of the organization and started their own, which really damaged the organization.  I would estimate about 20% of American scouts came from an LDS background.

Before that, there was a big controversy over allowing polyester camping gear.  Polyester burns like hell and when it does, it melts and sticks to the skin.  Scouting discourages its use but allows it.  From the article: 

>...the organization’s stance on the burgeoning question of artificial intelligence (AI) membership within its ranks. The decision, veiled in both controversy and polyester camping gear, has sparked a lively debate across campfires and computer screens alike...

There's some funny stuff in there:

>...The new decree is said to come in response to an increasing number of AI entities attempting to earn merit badges in subjects ranging from archery to digital technology...

Archery, heh.  {8^D

Aside: my bride is a merit badge counselor.  She had a recent scout who ChatGPTed his entire essay.  She sent him back.

The core of this whole thing is that we, as a society, are having to re-evaluate our place in the memesphere.  If AI can do a bunch of tasks that were once in the human-only domain, where do we fit in?  And what is now worthwhile to teach the young?

Ideas please?

Aside for BillK: Scouting is a British invention.  See General Robert Baden-Powell.


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