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This one is for Spike :)
New research claims Prime numbers are predictable."



Thanks David.

I don't recall seeing your posts in the past, but since you know I am a
prime fan, you must have been around for a while.

The PTP they describe in the research has a version which has long been used
in organized Mersenne prime search, which explains why there is an oddball
pattern in the numbers which have already been searched and cleared.  While
I agree that is cool, and I have my own version of that, it fails to explain
the current Mersenne prime desert in which we find ourselves, wandering,
forlorn, lost souls we are, squandering our hopelessly geeky lives, yearning
for a new record Mersenne prime.

Tell us something about David please.  Where are you from?  Where are you
headed?  How many sterklified gazazzafratzes do you personally own, that
sorta thing.


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