[ExI] Predictable Primes

david deimtee at optusnet.com.au
Fri Apr 5 22:57:18 UTC 2024

I'm in Melbourne Aust.  I have been here for a loooong time, but I don't 
post much.  You'd have to go deep in the archives. Or possibly the 
previous archives.  :)  I joined 20-something years ago. The oldest 
archives I have are on a hd in a cupboard.

I like the tech/science links that get posted and reading the 
discussions, but I am generally far enough behind that it's like 
watching a recorded panel show - too late to contribute.

I have zero sterklified gazazzafratzes, but that may change if they 
become extant in this reality.  Are you considering producing them?


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> This one is for Spike :)
> New research claims Prime numbers are predictable."
> https://phys.org/news/2024-04-breakthrough-prime-theory-primes.amp
> -David.
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> Thanks David.
> I don't recall seeing your posts in the past, but since you know I am a
> prime fan, you must have been around for a while.
> The PTP they describe in the research has a version which has long been used
> in organized Mersenne prime search, which explains why there is an oddball
> pattern in the numbers which have already been searched and cleared.  While
> I agree that is cool, and I have my own version of that, it fails to explain
> the current Mersenne prime desert in which we find ourselves, wandering,
> forlorn, lost souls we are, squandering our hopelessly geeky lives, yearning
> for a new record Mersenne prime.
> Tell us something about David please.  Where are you from?  Where are you
> headed?  How many sterklified gazazzafratzes do you personally own, that
> sorta thing.
> spike
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