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> >He wants his avatar to outlive him so his future relatives can experience it.
> >He adds: "Instead of my kids having to hear stories of me and kind of
> >make an idea of what they think I am in the past, they can actually
> >talk to me and really know who I was, and that will give them a
> >stronger sense of self."
> Thank you--yes, this is the sort of thing.  Up to a point.  One does
> not want the
> upload to be a limited, static memorial thing, but rather a capable
> agent capable
> of continued growth.
> The challenge is only partly technical, but also legal.  Getting a
> mechanism to maintain
> such an entity in its digital valhalla after the primary has died is
> actually the main challenge
> right now.

I wrote about this 18 years ago.

The people in that story who were subjected to uploading did not die.
The uploading was bi-directional and they went back and forth a number
of times before settling in the uploaded state.

The clinic where the uploads were located was nanotech based, solar
powered, and self repairing.

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