[ExI] Does the Rise of AI Explain the Great Silence in the Universe?

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Mon Apr 8 22:14:43 UTC 2024

Does the Rise of AI Explain the Great Silence in the Universe?
April 8, 2024 by Evan Gough

Will AI become ASI, Artificial Super Intelligence? And if it does, can
ASI be the Great Filter?

A new paper in Acta Astronautica explores the idea that Artificial
Intelligence becomes Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and that ASI
is the Great Filter. The paper’s title is “Is Artificial Intelligence
the Great Filter that makes advanced technical civilizations rare in
the universe?” The author is Michael Garrett from the Department of
Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester.

If AI provided no benefits, the issue would be much easier. But it
provides all kinds of benefits, from improved medical imaging and
diagnosis to safer transportation systems. The trick for governments
is to allow benefits to flourish while limiting damage. “This is
especially the case in areas such as national security and defence,
where responsible and ethical development should be paramount,” writes

Garrett suggests that making humanity a multi-planetary species gives
us extra chances of avoiding the ASI Great Filter.
I don't see how that helps much. ASI will be able to move to all the
planets that humanity inhabits. ASI will not have the difficulties with
space travel that humans have.

But it is good to see that papers are now being written about stuff
that Extropy discussed 20 years ago!


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