[ExI] Does the Rise of AI Explain the Great Silence in the Universe?

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> Does the Rise of AI Explain the Great Silence in the Universe?
> April 8, 2024 by Evan Gough
> <https://www.universetoday.com/166544/does-the-rise-of-ai-explain-the-great-silence-in-the-universe/>
> Quotes:
> Will AI become ASI, Artificial Super Intelligence? And if it does, can
> ASI be the Great Filter?
> A new paper in Acta Astronautica explores the idea that Artificial
> Intelligence becomes Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and that ASI
> is the Great Filter. The paper’s title is “Is Artificial Intelligence
> the Great Filter that makes advanced technical civilizations rare in
> the universe?”

This presumes that the ASI is not an advanced technical civilization.

What happens to them?

> The author is Michael Garrett from the Department of
> Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester.
> If AI provided no benefits, the issue would be much easier. But it
> provides all kinds of benefits, from improved medical imaging and
> diagnosis to safer transportation systems. The trick for governments
> is to allow benefits to flourish while limiting damage. “This is
> especially the case in areas such as national security and defence,
> where responsible and ethical development should be paramount,” writes
> Garrett.
> ----------------------
> Garrett suggests that making humanity a multi-planetary species gives
> us extra chances of avoiding the ASI Great Filter.
> I don't see how that helps much.

I agree, wherever humans take communications with them, the ASI will
be right with them

> ASI will be able to move to all the
> planets that humanity inhabits. ASI will not have the difficulties with
> space travel that humans have.
> But it is good to see that papers are now being written about stuff
> that Extropy discussed 20 years ago!

Make it 30 years ago.

I suspect that what we see at Tabby's star is the AI succession a
biological race or possibly uploaded aliens.


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