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> Ja, it hasta be waaaay up there in order for the light pressure to
overcome the drag from the wispy trace of atmosphere.  Many years ago, I
calculated how far up it would need to be, and was surprised at how high it
is.  This one is an experiment to test feasibility and control systems.  It
will re-enter.
> spike

Harnessing Sunbeams for Space Travel: NASA’s Solar Sail Mission
Successfully Phones Home
By NASA May 1, 2024

NASA’s Advanced Composite Solar Sail System has now connected with ground
operators following its April 23 launch aboard Rocket Lab’s Electron
rocket. The satellite is on its way to testing next-generation solar sail
technology, which uses the power of sunlight to propel a spacecraft. The
results from this mission will advance future space travel to expand our
understanding of our Sun and solar system.

The spacecraft was successfully delivered to a type of low Earth orbit
called a Sun-synchronous orbit. All systems show that the spacecraft is
operational and healthy.

Next, the CubeSat will undergo a one- to two-month commissioning phase to
prepare for the solar sail deployment and maneuvering test. At this time,
the sail remains within the body of the CubeSat. The mission operations
team will set a date to unfurl the sail after all commissioning tasks have
been completed. Once ready, the spacecraft will unroll it solar sail via
four booms that span the diagonals of the square and unspool to reach 23
feet (about 7 meters) in length.

So it looks like another few months before the solar sail is deployed.

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