[ExI] Bots and AI are now half of internet traffic

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Fri May 3 09:52:40 UTC 2024

Yes, The Bots Really Are Taking Over The Internet
Emma Woollacott    Apr 16, 2024



Bots now account for nearly half of all internet traffic globally, with
so-called “bad bots” responsible for a third.

The proportion of internet traffic generated by bots hit its highest level
last year, up 2% on the year before, according to the 2024 Imperva Bad Bot
Traffic from human users fell to just 50.4%.

Bad bots have already taken over in Ireland, where they account for 71% of
traffic, and in Germany, where they account for 68%. Mexico, meanwhile,
sees 43% of traffic generated by malicious bots, with the U.S. figure
standing at 34%.

Generative AI, as you'd expect, is making things worse, with the volume of
simple bots increasing to 40% in 2023, up from 33% in 2022.

The proportion of advanced bad bots—those that closely mimic human behavior
and evade defenses—was highest in law and government at 78%, followed by
entertainment at 71% and financial services at 67%.

No wonder most of our population is feeling harassed and confused!

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