[ExI] Sex Robots with AI soon available

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Sat May 4 19:31:35 UTC 2024

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Sex Robots with AI soon available

>...With the human race extinct, the Stross characters are sex bots.

>...Frustrated sex bots of course.

>...But they carry on.


Keith in the scenario where sexbots get really good, better than humans, humanity doesn't go extinct.  First the people who can afford sexbots go extinct.  Then perhaps their sexbots become plentiful and inexpensive because of excess supply, so the middle classes go extinct.  Then perhaps they take out even the lower classes.  But... humanity still doesn't go extinct, because there are those who eschew such diversions for religious reasons and eschew all modern technology in general.  They go right on breeding offspring in the traditional manner.  The Amish shall inherit the earth?


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