[ExI] Why create something if AI can do better in a few minutes?

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Easy! Because you enjoy the process! =)

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On Wed, 22 May 2024, BillK via extropy-chat wrote:

> Are you suffering from AI-induced creative paralysis?
> Why make anything when AI can make it better, faster and cheaper?
> Mike Elgan     May 22, 2024
> <https://machinesociety.ai/p/are-you-suffering-from-ai-induced-8be>
> Quotes:
> The lightning-fast pace of AI progress is… depressing. Wait, what?
> The new malady of the moment is something I call “AI-induced creative
> paralysis.”
> Here’s the problem: Generative AI tools like ChatGPT emerged suddenly
> and improved rapidly. Sure, the chatbots hallucinate and the AI image
> generators can’t count human fingers. But any thoughtful person can
> conclude that it’s only a matter of years or months before AI performs
> perfectly.
> Once this conclusion is reached, content creators, actors,
> entrepreneurs and developers are asking themselves: What’s the point?
> Why should a student study photography when before graduation, genAI
> tools will be able to produce perfect pictures on any subject in
> seconds?
> ------------------
> And so on........
> This article hopes that there might be laws to stop AI copying your
> creations, and maybe people might prefer human-created stuff.
> But that sounds like wishful thinking to me.
> BillK
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