[ExI] Why create something if AI can do better in a few minutes?

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Wed May 22 22:05:08 UTC 2024

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> Easy! Because you enjoy the process! =)

This is a value proposition that most who live in the capitalist hellscape
have forgotten.

Many of those who do "content creation" are only doing so because consumers
offer money for content - and the producers hate doing it less than the
money they make.

Once AI is producing the same quality content for sufficiently less money
than humans are willing to make for the requisite hassle, these wage slaves
will be forced to abandon the pursuit of money... or forced to pursue money
in a new direction.

That we aren't granting a social safety net at the same time we are
removing employment opportunities should be considered an existential risk
- perhaps less severe than aggressive paperclip maximizes,  but still

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