[ExI] Why create something if AI can do better in a few minutes?

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Thu May 23 09:44:01 UTC 2024

Creativity.  We don't know what it is and can't teach it to humans.  How
are we going to teach it to a program?  AI will produce perfect things but
only to those who qualify as 'good enough for who it's for'.  bill w

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>> Easy! Because you enjoy the process! =)
> This is a value proposition that most who live in the capitalist hellscape
> have forgotten.
> Many of those who do "content creation" are only doing so because
> consumers offer money for content - and the producers hate doing it less
> than the money they make.
> Once AI is producing the same quality content for sufficiently less money
> than humans are willing to make for the requisite hassle, these wage slaves
> will be forced to abandon the pursuit of money... or forced to pursue money
> in a new direction.
> That we aren't granting a social safety net at the same time we are
> removing employment opportunities should be considered an existential risk
> - perhaps less severe than aggressive paperclip maximizes,  but still
> serious.
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