[ExI] Future Powerful AI Systems to Be Contained in Military Bases

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> The military already knows how to build a one-way internet highway, so that
> information can be sent into a secure facility across a firewall, but the
> possibly-malicious AI within cannot get back across (assuming the operators
> do their jobs right of course.)  There is still search capability, limited
> by necessary security protocols, but it can be done, and is done now in
> some
> applications.

Any search capability needs to send out what you are searching for.  One
trick is to encode search data, getting past whatever censors and
sanitizers are in place, and aim it to places that act on such data.  Good
censors and sanitizers prevent this as much as possible, so another trick -
if the attacker has any influence on this - is to try to arrange for low
quality "security theater" instead, that an expert attacker can easily

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