[ExI] Future Powerful AI Systems to Be Contained in Military Bases

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Fri May 24 18:26:23 UTC 2024

This can be summed up as "How to tell me in one sentence that you either don't know jack about physical and organizational security, or are just making a feel good statement for public consumption."

Let alone that to an AI, communication channels, be it normal network or covert channels are at least as important as physical security. This is either for it escaping, or it being attacked by an adversary.

There's nothing magic about a "military base". They tend to have security appropriate to what's on them. There are locations on many of them that are very secure, but other locations you can often just drive to without even an ID check. Open bases are less common now than in the 1980s when I was living on them but are still a thing.

Some of the most secure facilities are specifically not military. The Pantex plant which stores/services nuclear weapons is not military though they have armed security. It's managed by DOE and that is in some ways as a separation of power between agencies for something that sensitive. The Russians also have separate agencies for storing/making and using nuclear weapons.

Any of several Federal Reserve Back locations are very secure against intrusion or removing what's stored there.

So, let's file this under being "poetry" rather than a serious idea.

Kyle Webb
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Eric Schmidt’s Alarming Prediction: Future AI Systems to Be Contained
in Military Bases
May 23, 2024   written by Rachelle J. Alley.


Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has declared that the most powerful AI
systems of the future will need to be contained within military bases
due to their potentially dangerous capabilities. Schmidt stated, “The
capabilities of these AI systems will be so dangerous that they must
be contained within military bases to prevent misuse or unintended
This sentiment echoes the warnings of other tech visionaries and AI experts.


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