[Paleopsych] Marine turbines- like windfarms under the waves

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 12 01:12:21 UTC 2004


Marine current turbines are, in principle, much like submerged windmills.
 They will be installed in the sea at places with high tidal current velocities,
 to take out energy from the huge volumes of flowing water. These flows
 have the major advantage of being an energy resource as predictable as
 the tides that cause them, unlike wind or wave energy which respond to
 the more random quirks of the weather system. The technology under
 development by MCT consists of twin axial flow rotors of 15m to 20m 
in diameter, each driving a generator via a gearbox much like a hydro-electric
 turbine or a wind turbine. The twin power units of each system are mounted
 on wing-like extensions either side of a tubular steel monopile some 3m in
 diameter which is set into a hole drilled into the seabed from a jack-up barge.

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