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Premise Checker: Winfield S. Hancock 1880
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       From: Premise Checker (checker at clark.net)
       Subject: Two Scenarios for Clinton or Lieberman
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       Date: 2000-12-15 17:28:54 PST

Amendment 20, in part, reads, "... the Congress may by law provide for
the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect
shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President...."

First Scenario, Bill becomes Acting President: Three electors are
blackmailed into switching their votes to Algore when the Electoral
College meets on December 18 ("Who was that woman you were with who was
not your wife?"). Congress keeps wrangling over counting the electoral
votes (it takes one Representative and one Senator to mount a challenge,
as a matter of statute law) through the expiration of Bill Clinton and
Algore's term at noon on January 20. Congress may then pick anyone to
*act* as President, though Bill can't be *elected*. A big foreign policy
CRISIS!! breaks out in January, say Red China invades Taiwan. Ordinarily
a Republican Congress would appoint a Republican to act as President,
but (now remember Bill has been visiting foreign countries for the past
couple of months and is positioning himself as a Wise Man) Congress
instead asks Bill to stay on as Acting President till one gets elected.
This goes on till 2004, at least. Bill slips into being Acting President
for Life.

Second Scenario, Holy Joe becomes acting President: Neither Bush/Cheney
nor Algore/Holy Joe gets a majority of electoral votes. The House fails
to pick a President. The Senate is evenly divided, but Algore as
President of the Senate, gives the deciding vote for Holy Joe for Veep.
(This has to take place between January 6, when the new Congress meets,
and January 20.) Holy Joe than becomes Acting President.

Politics has become part of the entertainment industry. I invoke the
ideas in Howard Bloom's _The Global Brain_ and claim that the
coincidences that have allowed the election CRISIS!! so far are too
great to have occured by chance alone. No conspiracy is involved, but no
explanation of the mechanisms why this election has been so hugely
entertaining have been offered yet either. I expect further surprises in
the days ahead.

Meanwhile, ponder what would have happened if Winfield S. Hancock had
won. Who was Winfield S. Hancock? He lost by only 7000 votes in 1880.
Who defeated Winfield S. Hancock? James A. Garfield. What did the
Garfield Administration accomplish? What would have a Hancock
Administration accomplished? Was 1880 a turning point in American
history? Will 2000 be regarded as a turning point in American history in
2120, another 120 years from now.

I submit these profound questions for you to ponder.

Frank Forman

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