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BBC - Radio 4 - Life Skills
    15 August 2004

    If you've got problems at home, at work, or in your personal life,
    Graham Easton finds that there's no shortage of experts who will be
    glad to help...
    Tuesdays 3, 10 and 17 August  2004 11.00-11.30am
    There are coaches, counsellors and therapists of all sorts who claim
    to be able to smooth over family rifts, boost your self-confidence and
    make you successful at the office. But who are these experts, how are
    they trained and how did the theories underlying their work evolve?
    And most important of all, can they actually help you?
    Graham Easton investigates these experts who claim to have uncovered
    the solution to mastering the complexities of everyday life, and
    discovers whether there really are only a few easy steps to a life
    full of wealth health and happiness. Can it really be that easy?
    The Forsyte Family Portrait
    Programme 1: Happy Families
    Just like any team, the family is a tricky unit of different
    personalities, complex relationships and power struggles.
    With our hectic lifestyles it's very easy to feel overwhelmed in
    trying to keep our families ticking along in happy harmony, be it
    trying to get your toddler to eat it's greens, or battling with a
    demanding teenager, or even negotiating with your husband or wife
    whose turn it is to cook the dinner.
    These all seem like small problems but can cause immense strain and
    tension within a family.
    But now, there is no need to struggle alone. Parent Coaches, Parent
    Groups, Teen coaching and even family therapy is all on offer to help
    you be the master or mistress of your own home.
    Graham talks to the experts about whether family life is getting
    harder, and hears from families who have turned to these experts to
    help them sort out their family life, and finds out whether it really
    Listen again  [48]Listen again to Programme 1
    colleagues on a motivational course
    Programme 2: Getting on in business.
    Businesses spend huge amounts of money sending employees on courses to
    improve their productivity and effectiveness at work.
    From trampling around North Wales in an attempt to bond with your
    team, to doing a course in telephone negotiation, to one to one
    business counselling, there are no shortage of experts and training
    courses out there to help you become a happier, more efficient
    Graham Easton attends a few of these courses and uncovers the theories
    that underpin many of these training initiatives to see if they really
    Listen again  Listen again available after the broadcast
    Comedy and Tragedy masks
    Programme 3: Tea and Sympathy - achieving happiness
    How do you achieve happiness in your personal life? There are no
    shortage of self-help books out there offering us the solution to
    everlasting happiness and contentment. And if you are not satisfied
    with them, why not try a life coach, or life strategist, or a spot of
    There are now many more counsellors in the UK than GP, and there is
    strong evidence to suggest that in many cases of mild depression,
    counselling can be more effective than drug treatment.
    But are we as a nation getting more and more unhappy, or are we simply
    far more concerned with our wellbeing, and state of mind, then we have
    been in the past.
    Graham goes on a personal quest to find happiness and fulfilment and
    visits a life coach, a therapist, a positive psychologist and an image
    consultant to see if they can set him in the right direction.
    Listen again  Listen again available after the broadcast
    [49]British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
    [51]Work Foundation
    [53]Institute for Family Therapy
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